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Welcome! My name is Stephen Snow. I'm a writer, arts administrator and new media professional working across a variety of disciplines. As an Artistic Director I have produced, directed, managed, budgeted and seamlessly executed dozens of live events, benefits and arts education programs. As a filmmaker and media professional I have collaborated on dozens of projects. I also build websites. I built this one! Have a look around and say hello if you'd like to be in touch!
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Web Design

Years ago when I first began designing websites I used Joomla! These days WordPress leads the way, and it’s the platform I recommend most often for small- and mid-sized businesses. But there are there are other factors to consider. Your website is the face, brand and story of your business online. And as the saying goes, you have one chance to make a first impression.

SEO & Branding

We know that the Internet has changed the way businesses have to market themselves. Unfortunately, for many, terms like “SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing and Cross Platform Storytelling” are at best nebulous concepts to put off learning about for as long as possible. Thus I fear that the extent of many businesses online marketing efforts is a Facebook page. If that’s you, I can help.

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Video/Film Production

In 20+ years of working freelance in film & video production, I have served as a Director, DP, 1st & 2nd Camera Operator, Digital Imaging Tech (DIT), Editor, Assistant Editor, and even as a carpenter in Scenic on The Better Angels. If experience counts, I shot my first project, a documentary about the Cathedral of St. John the Divine – on 3/4-inch, broadcast videotape, when jog/shuttle editing was a thing.

Non-Linear Editing

Editing is storytelling. Sounds obvious? Maybe. But anyone who has ever tried to write a story or tell one with music knows that the Art comes in the making of choices, and in the magic inspiration & nuance. The closest thing I can relate my experience of editing to is the act of writing or conducting a symphony, or a novel or short story. I see both the Editor and the Director of Photography positions as painting with motion photography.

Copywriting & Editing

I earned my BA with honors from the Columbia University Writing Program where I studied with the legendary Terry Southern. I have written screenplays, short films, one play, short stories, press releases, ad, marketing and article copy. As a writer myself, I know that sometimes we need a fresh eye. I would be happy to discuss your project.



As an Artistic Director, I find little more satisfying than planning, producing and managing live theater, music, Arts education programs, events and benefits. It was this love for the performing arts in all disciplines that lead me to conceive of and co-found the Center for New Media & the Arts, and subsequently take the Artistic Director position at The Palace Theatre, Danbury. I am always hoping another opportunity will present itself.

Tutoring & Tech

I teach humans of all ages. From film editing software to the Microsoft Office suite, I have been tutoring since 2006 when I worked as a Lead Mac Specialist and Trainer for Apple Computer. (Or was it when I taught my cousin to drive a standard shift all those years ago out in Roosevelt, Utah? Hmmm.) I also troubleshoot software, hardware and network issues. If you’re wondering if I can help, I probably can.


With nearly two decades of experience in video production, web & new media, and live Arts & Event production and management, I am available for all kinds of project-based work. Say hello for further information.

A few words...

...183, to be precise.
Everything becomes creative if the person doing the job is creative.

~Sidney Lumet

I've been a storyteller all my life. As a kid I grew up playing in the wings of summer stock stages. And I have fond memories of leaving home in Manhattan to spend another summer at another theatre. Heading out for another adventure into storytelling and magic — the kind of magic that only happens when the house lights go dim and the stage lights come up. I grew up in the Arts, and this is where I first fell in love with storytelling.

As an adult, I have made my career telling stories in a variety of forms and media — from stage to screen, to Web and the written word. Now I help individuals and companies tell their stories, and reach their audience across multiple platforms. If you already know your story, I can help you tell it. If you need some help formulating the big picture, I can do that too. The digital world and social media have turned marketing on its head. But rest assured, storytelling has not changed. And you have a story to tell. Say hello if I can help.

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Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity. ~ Weil


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"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."
~George Bernard Shaw